ARGO - Golden Ale

ARGO – Golden Ale

Argo, a 5% ABV Golden Ale is a signature beer style that is beloved the world over. This particular Golden Ale is brewed with both Columbus hops for bittering and Citra hops for flavor, two hop varieties that are known for both great taste and flavoring in beer.

Solid and tasty, don’t call this beer basic; it’s a style you can’t go wrong with. Simple to brew for the beginner but difficult to master for even the most accomplished brewer, this beer style has enough hop flavor from the Citra to satisfy even the most discriminating of hop heads out there while being balanced enough by its malt for the casual drinker.

The Citra hops do an excellent job of flavoring with tastes of tropical fruits and citrus, these hops are a brewer’s dream. They give the drinker a floral and fruity hop smell and taste that even the most refined for pallets will no doubt enjoy. Golden Ales are one of my favorite styles and when you drink this one, you will see why this style is one of the most popular beers to brew in the world.


Portion Size

  • Alc. 5.0% // IBUs 19
  • 330ml bottle

Portion Size

Alc. 5.0% // IBUs 19
330ml bottle