MOLOTOV - Dry Hopped IPA

MOLOTOV – Dry Hopped IPA

Molotov, a hard-charging 7% ABV IPA is born of a style that is close to my heart. IPAs are very versatile but can vary greatly in taste, smell and appearance. This IPA, another great example of the style of beer that has taken the world by storm and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon, is brewed with Polaris and Mandarina hops.

In addition, there are even more Mandarina hops used for dry-hopping. Taking in the aromas of this beer, there is no denying that it is floral and fruity. The pilsner and caramel munich malts are a perfect balance to the Mandarina, a bavarian hop strain. The Mandarina makes the beer brisk and aromatic, with the smell of tangerine, lemon, lime and orange invading your palate.

The splash of fruity aroma persists as you dive into the beer and the piney, almost minty dark chocolate notes of the Polaris hops used for bittering give the beer it’s nice balancing bitterness. Fruit up front and bitterness in the back, any lover of IPAs will love this IPA.


Portion Size

  • Alc. 7% // IBUs 40
  • 330ml bottle

Portion Size

Alc. 7% // IBUs 40
330ml bottle